Quality Electric has a standard work procedure that goes above and beyond to ensure top quality workmanship. Our load test capabilities are 400-HP at 100%. We use this checklist to ensure the quality of our work to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

AC stators ready for assembly.

AC stators ready for assembly.

Our Work Procedure for Repairs & Exchanges:

1.  Motor is picked up and brought to our shop.

2.  Upon arrival, motor is steam-cleaned and inspected.

3.  A job number and name plate is assigned to the motor.

4.  Motor is completely disassembled and all mechanical and electrical parts are checked.

5.  Customer will be contacted with quote for repairs. If repair is approved, a PO# will be issued. If denied, motor will be reassembled and returned to customer at no charge.

6.  Once  a repair is approved, all mechanical parts are run through machine shop to be repaired or replaced. All bad electrical parts will go through the Ace Burnoff Oven; all good parts will go through the parts washer, the Steelman Bake Oven, dipped in 433 Ice Epoxy, re-baked, cleaned, and retested electronically.

Our 6x6x6 Stealman bake oven.

Our 6x6x6 Stealman bake oven.

7.  All bad electrical parts will be replaced with new ones, or rewound using all Nomex Insulation Class-H and OEM recommended (or better) wire. After rewind and testing process, the units will be VPI’d in the Epoxie Lite VPI System using Guardian VPI Resin, then cured in the bake oven at 325° for 8 hours.

8.  After product has been cured, it is then cleaned and ready for assembly. All armatures or rotors will then be dynamically balanced at 700 RPM at below 1-mil on both ends.

9. The motor then goes to assembly, where it will be checked electrically, megged 1000V,€ ground tested 2 x volts + 1000, Hipot tested 2 x volts + 1000 and surge tested with Baker Surge tester. After testing, motor will be assembled using top quality bearings, and pre-greased using Exxon Polyrex EM, which is compatible with other grease used.

10.  After assembly, all permissible fits will be checked using 4 Thousands Filler Gauge. A new name tag will be installed if needed.

11. Motor is sent to load tester, where it will be re-checked by Quality Control, then retested as follows:

  • Motor is tested at no load and vibration test IRD-111 performed.
  • Motor is coupled to Dyno and load tested at 0%, 50%, 100%, and 150% loads.
  • All tests will be documented on a load test report, with a copy supplied to the customer.
  • After all tests are performed, any additional parts, gears, couplings, stuffing boxes, packing €glands, etc., will be inspected and put back onto or with the motor.

12.  Motor will then go to paint booth to be painted, go through a final inspection, then be plastic wrapped and banded to pallet ( if requested by customer).

13.  The motor is now complete and ready to ship, or put on shelf for exchange.

Some of our motor inventory, ready to be shipped.

Some of our motor inventory, ready to be shipped.